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do you, too, wait?

hey you i heard someone said "if you like someone, wait" and, hey  i like you  and im waiting the only thing in this wait that i can do is dream and also think will my waiting be rewarding what does it give me except for torture and blindness how long should i wait for what will i do after what do you think about  do you, too, wait?

first kiss

They were on their way home from a nice walk. It was dark and chilly, somewhat about midnight. She had a summer dress on with no sleeves, so when it got colder, he offered her his jacket.  They turned around the corner. "It's here, she said,- that's my building". She started taking off his jacket.  "Are you sure you don't want me to go back to your car with you? I feel sorry that you have to get back there alone." "No, it's alright, really. I want to be sure you are safe." He took his jacket and started putting it on. "Thank you for the evening. And the jacket. I really enjoyed it." she paused and blushed. "The evening, not the jacket. But the jacket too." They laughed.  He put the jacket on and she noticed the collar didn't sit properly. "Your collar.. let me." She stepped on her tip toes, wind her arms around his neck, fixing the collar. "There. Be careful on your way, okay?" Her hands slid down