August favourites

Never thought I would do something like this, but well... πŸ˜ƒ

Hello everybody, hi again. I'm doing a blog post about my favorites of August. Never thought I would ever do a favorites post, but I've been loving so many nice things this month, I thought I would share them with you. And, as it is my diary, it would be useful for me in the future to return back here and see, what I've been loving πŸ’—

I am far (very far) from someone who can call himself a "beauty guru", I don't use makeup that much, but getting older I thought it would be nice and useful to know how to do at least the easiest makeup looks. I heard about a lot of good makeup brands, everything I needed was to buy myself stuff and get going. 

I decided not to start with full makeup because let's be honest, who wears full makeup when it's +30 outside? Nobody. 

First thing I decided to try was a concealer. Everything I knew about concealers was that you cover everything you don't want to be seen with it and you're good.

I've chosen for myself an NYX concealer, it was not that expensive and I knew the shop that had it, but one day I bumped into a Catrice cosmetics concealer. It was a little bit cheaper than the NYX one, so I thought why not. I'll try it.

                 Excuse the fact that it's only half full😁

I love this stuff. For someone who only starts exploring the world of makeup I think it's a good concealer to start with. It can be a light or a heavy coverage - you choose how many layers you need. Personally, I go for two over big spots and under my eyes. Although it doesn't help- my dark circles under the eyes are with me forever πŸ’ž (One point to allergies there)

Next thing I was actually loving for longer than a month, but anyway...
Shopping with my friend made me fall in love with visiting makeup shops and just having a look at the new stuff. And just like that once we've bumped into an NYX stand with lipsticks... I am not a massive fan of lipstick, liquid or not, lip glosse and all that lip stuff.
The NYX Lingerie series of liquid lipsticks made me change my mind.

                  I use the color 18 "cashmere silk"
I decided to go nuts and bought myself a color that I thought I wouldn't wear. Turns out it kind of suits me. I am gonna buy myself some other colors.

I wouldn't ramble a lot about this liquid lipstick, it is quite known for its quality. A bit drying like all liquid lipsticks, but not very drying. Stays on your lips no matter what (or unless you eat it with food πŸ˜‰). And looks like your actual lips. No words needed, just a giant YES.

Next thing I picked up just because I thought that it's time for me to learn something a bit more advanced in makeup.
It is a Gabriella Salvete contouring palette.

    From left to right: bronzer, highlighter, blush (as you didn't know)

I still have no idea where exactly to put the bronzer (I know where, but it never works for me), and about highlighter and blush... I'm not the biggest fan of sparkling things, especially on my face, but maybe one day I will learn to love and rock things like this. 
I'm saying I have no idea to put it and it never works, well sometimes it does, sometimes I hit my face correctly and I have those beautiful cheekbones that I can only dream about.

                             Yeah, those.

I'm sure when I figure it out, I will love this palette more. 

Next things are the Bellabeauty powder and contour brushes.

The powder brush is the softest things I've ever had being rubbed over my face. And contour brush is just doing her job very well. I'm very happy for those things to be my first makeup brushes ever.

The last thing is a little bit boring, but anyway.

My problematic skin needs some good moisturizing treatment. And it receives it from this baby - Mixa moisturizing anti-dryness cream.

It was kind of more on a pricey side, but it does its job very well. I have the one with 10% glycerine - it is the biggest percentage of glycerine you can get. I bought my mom 8% and also there is an option with 6%. Paraben- and alcohol-free and what's the most important for me - hypoallergenic.
And also it is said on the package that it is suitable for a winter - even though I haven't worn it in a winter yet, I can for sure say, that that's true. It has a very thick consistency, which is very good for wearing in winter. So in summer I personally apply it in the evening.

Ending with the beauty stuff and going on to food, because what on earth can I love in this world more than food.

I knew earlier that M&S has it's own grocery store, but in my homecountry we only have their clothes. Arriving in Prague I was expecting to find at least one M&S shop with their food section. And I did. So now I have two favorites from M&S food.

A peach,camomile&green tea drink has blown my mind when I've tried it. It is something so unbelievably incredible, I don't even have words to describe it. 

 If you are familiar with M&S food shops and you go there often, then I suppose it's something normal to you (if you tried it obvsly). But if you are not familiar, oh my god, you should buy it and try it and then dedicate your life to this drink. I should stop, but, I hope you understood, it's amazing.

Also, they have a new one: a watermelon,coconut&white tea. Also incredible, also must-try.

And from the snacks section I've picked up these: a M&S sweet chilli wholegrain snacks. 

I should actually keep myself away from any snacks section because I need to have a constant diet, but I wanted to try those for a really long time and thank god I wasn't upset about them. Maybe a little bit too spicy for me if I eat a whole package at once, but this should stop me from eating everything in one evening. πŸ˜€

And that is all I wanted to share with you. There is a lot more stuff I was loving, but I thought that some of it is a bit weird to share πŸ˜‚

I challenged myself to find new things every month so that I can write monthly favorites for my diary. I'll try my best to actually do that 😁

Tell me in the comments about one beauty thing and one food-y thing you were loving in August! 

See ya! πŸ˜‰