Dresden haul

Hello, guys! I am here with another post. This is something I thought I wouldn't do, but... Life is changing πŸ˜€

If you follow me on Insta or my page on FB, you may have seen that on Monday I was in Dresden.

Now, before I start rambling about things I wanted to ramble about, I'll tell you a little bit about my journey.

I traveled alone, as I do. I bought tickets for a train and as I live near the railway station I had no problems with getting there in the early morning. A journey by train from Prague to Dresden takes two hours.

I've been to Germany before, it was 5 years ago. I visited Munich with my mom, my friend, and her mom. And that time I did not like it at all. Munich was very crowded and even though you've had an excursion, I don't remember ANYTHING except for the long queues everywhere.

Dresden is very different. It is a small cute town near the river Elba(or in Czech they call it Labe). There are tourists obviously, but there were no crowds in streets. 

I went only for a shopping spree (mainly to Primark and TK Maxx), but I'm definitely gonna get back there to explore and visit more places.

NOW! Onto the main subject of this blog post. 😁

I went to Primark which I've never visited before. And... saying I was overwhelmed is saying nothing. I bought too much of cute things I don't particularly need, but I've also bought some nice and useful stuff. So no worries about that 😊

I actually wanted to film a video about it, but I realized how awkward it would be, so I went with a normal blog post.

Let me show you things I was excited to take back home.

I'll start with TK Maxx because there is not much.

I am not very into makeup and stuff, but I would really like to be. So, I bought myself things, that were absent in my only starting to grow makeup bag - makeup brushes. 

I went with three. They all are from the brand "Bellabeauty". First and second ones are from the same collection and they are so incredibly beautiful, I could not stand. The last one took me with its price πŸ˜‚ Although others two weren't that expensive. 

So, foundation and contour brushes were each €4.00
The powder brush was €5.99

Next things were cards. Now, I don't need cards, but I could not leave them there. 

 The rainbow unicorns and stars one is just so beautiful. And the other one I picked up because I have an obsession with pugs for all my life.

Last exciting thing from TK Maxx were two candles. I love scented candles. And every evening when I'm sitting at my desk there would be a candle burning. So, I've had two at home from IKEA, one with apple scent, the other one is vanilla or something. What I found in TK Maxx on a sale has just blown my mind and sniffing receptors.

First one is freaking huge and it is the most beautifully smelling thing my nose has ever smelled. What took me, was a watermelon in the name. Then I smelled it and my world has turned upside down. I don't even want to burn it. I just want to smell it for the rest of my life. And have a perfume with that scent. πŸ˜„

The other one is also exciting, it is a scent of apple blossom. Now, I am obsessed with watermelon and apple scents. So I instantly took it. 

As I said, they were on the sale stand. Surprisingly enough they didn't have any good scents on non-sale stand 😟

The watermelon one was €7.99 and the apple one was €3.99

Moving on to Primark. Now, I wanna document here only exciting stuff I picked up. Please, don't think that I am so not serious and childish because I bought only cute not very adult-like things πŸ˜‚ I did buy some useful stuff that I needed, too. 😁

For some time now I am very obsessed with Pusheen the cat. I've even bought myself a backpack with him on it. So when I saw that Primark has a lot of stuff with Pusheen, I've already known that I would buy all that πŸ˜‹

The first thing I've seen was this.

I am not a big fan of sparkly shiny stuff on clothes, but this was just too cute not to buy. It was €5.00

With next one, I thought that they were two separate T-shirts πŸ˜‚ SO I was like "Oh, which one should I go with?" Obviously, I was very happy when I realized that it's the same one.

I'm not sure though if it is okay for me to wear this kinda clothes πŸ˜‚ Although, let's be honest, I don't care 😊

Next one is just my vibe for life πŸ˜„ Firstly, it is true. Secondly, it is gray, and I love gray clothes. So.. I could not leave it hanging there.

Next things are my cozies for this autumn. Pajama bottoms are actually from another top, but who cares, right? 

To accompany this outfit for a chilly day I bought this cute small throw.

I can already imagine myself sitting at my desk, working on the computer with all the cozies on and with this throw on top of me πŸ˜‹
Can't wait. 

So, that's it with Primark.

I know it's not much and it's not very serious shopping, but on the other hand, it's nice to have some cute things in your wardrobe. 

Again, I loved Dresden a lot and I am for 100% going to go back there to see all the beautiful architecture there. I'm planning the next trip during next 6 months, so I'm not leaving it to next summer.

Hope you enjoyed this little haul.

Have a nice day.

See ya! 😏