How to: a dreamcatcher

Hello again everyone and welcome to my little crafty corner πŸ˜„
  As I mentioned in my previous post, one of my hobbies is making handmade thing: friendship bracelets, amigurumi toys, sewing, knitting, crochetting. I am very excited to make "How to" for everything I know how to make. I decided to start with /in my opinion/ the easiest thing - a dreamcatcher.
   Dreamcatchers have a lot of legens and beliefs around them, but shortly -  their name speaks for them - they catch dreams. They are meant to have a net with a hole in the middle, so that bad dreams stay in the net and good ones go through the hole.
  Dreamcatchers can be decorated with beads or feathers or whatever people's imagination can come with.
  Yesterday I found an old /not really classic/ dreamcatcher that I made a couple of years ago. If you expect something extremely beatiful, then don't...
 Here it is: 

 Dark as my soul, a dreamcatcher from the era of "Dark Rita" πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚
  I used to be very happy with it. BUT! Time of changes has come and I decided to re-make it in more joyful colors πŸ˜€ 
  I'm gonna talk you through the process of making the new dreamcatcher and if you want to, you can make your own.
  SO! You will need:
  • Threads of desired colors (you can use any threads you want, but I recommend 100% cotton embroidory threads)
  • An embroidory frame
  • Feathers, beads and other decorations are optional.
I've found small thin rings (I guess they are bracelets or something) and feathers of different colors and I've instantly had an idea if what I want to do.

    So I've chosen the best matching colors of threads and feathers that I've found and started working.
 Firstly, I needed to wind my thread around the embroidory frame.

   There should be no blanks left.

    After I've finished winding the thread around the frame I needed to make a loop so that I can hang my dreamcatcher.


  Then I've started with a net.

 The result: 

  !! Next row starts on the first net line of the previous row!! 


  I didn't want a very small hole on the middle, so I was happy with this size:

  Then I did the same thing with small rings.

 As these rings are quite small, it was more comfortable to use a needle.

That's what I had after I've finished all three:

After Ive hanged those small rings to the main one, I've moved to feathers.
 I've glued threads to feathers so that it is more secure.
 Then i've attached my feathers to the desired places
  Then there were only some details left to do, like glueing the ends of threads.

And there I have my renewed dreamcathcer ! I am actually very pleased with it.

 So there we go, the dreamcathcer is done and ready to catch those bad dreams.

 If you want to make one for yourself, I hope my instructions will help you. Good luck ! πŸ˜‰