My hair story

Hello you beautiful people, hello again.

  Recently somewhere I saw a blogpost called "my hair story" where a girl was telling... her hair story 😂 It was a story of her haircuts and haircolors and everything she has done to her hair. EVER.
  I used to have long hair and I loved doing something to it, experimenting, yayy. I have been experimenting since I was .. I would say 12.
 I thought that it is a very interesting idea for a blog post. So here I am!
 Unfortunately, the earliest photo I found is from 2013.. 
 I don't think there is a big need in descriptions to each photo, so just sit back and enjoy 😃

winter 2013

spring 2013

no idea what year it is, but i guess 2013-2014

winter-early spring 2014

late spring 2014 - first time I dyed my hair. FULLY.

my first shor haircut, summer 2014

summer 2014

early spring 2015.
 I was tempted to change the style of my haircut. Although still kept it short for a long time.

early summer 2015

late summer 2015

spring-early summer 2016

late August 2016

winter 2017 

spring 2017

 early summer 2017


I could not stand /not so/ long hair anymore, so after my holiday at the lake I went straight to my hairdresser's and we brought back my bob ! I'm very happy with it.
 Some plans out there: I'm not planning to grow my hair again or to dye it one more time. I feel like my hair has had enough 😂

There we go, that's my hair story. What's yours ?