New hair and Papa Roach concert

Hello everybody! 

Yes, I am still alive 😂

I was absent for almost a month here and I am not even sorry (I know I shouldn't be), I just fell out of social media life and enjoyed the beginning of the autumn in Prague.
Can't promise I won't do that again, I love having time off the Internet, reading in the park or embroidering at home, but I'll try to at least write an Instagram post saying I'm gonna leave for a while.

But now about the most important thing of the week.

Last Sunday I made two of my dreams come true.

It was a very nice day, so I decided to go for a little walk to the city center, maybe have a lunch there and then get back home to prepare myself for an evening concert. While I was walking in the city center I thought "Okay, I was thinking about this haircut for a month now. I have a picture of what I want. So what's the problem? Screw everything, I'm going to the hair salon and I'm having my hair cut RIGHT NOW".

The master I got to cut my hair was such a nice lady and such a professinal. She made my hair look incredible 😋 Also complimented my hair colour and asked, if it is  natural(if some of you are wondering - yes, it is). In the end she said I have great hair for advertising hair products 😂 

Only on Tuesday I realised I was dreaming about this exact hairstyle for three years. 
Three years ago I found a music band called Black Veil Brides. I loved their music and started to listen to them a lot. My first song of theirs was Coffin. When I watched a clip, I fell in love with Andy's hairstyle there. Mine is not COMPLETELY the same, but the idea of the haistyle is the same. I am just the happiest person in the world 😋

                      also, look at those cheekbones 😉

Then I got back home in a very good mood, had my lunch, prepared myself for the concert and got going.

Papa Roach is my favourite music band. Even though I will not call myself "a fan" because I don't get over-excited about stuff they do, I just enjoy their music. Obviously I love it. But I do it in a very calm way. If everything I'm saying makes sense 😂

I feel this way about every band I listen to, but towards Papa Roach I actually have a bit deeper feelings. I know they are awesome people and I admire them a lot. 
I knew they all are very nice people, but what happened on the concert, melted my heart (in a good way).

A little bit of story here: in July this year singer of Linkin Park, Chester, commited suicide. It was a giant shock for everybody who knew him, for fans and for other bands as well. Jacoby (who is singer of Papa Roach) said that Chester was like a brother to him.

During the concert Papa Roach performed one of their old and sad songs called Forever. At the end of it they changed it to Linkin Park's song called In the end

Literally everybody was singing. I even cryed a little bit, because, come on guys, this was very sweet. And emotional. 

There's a video for all of you who want to see that happening (video is NOT mine,so credits to the author of the video):

Seeing my fav  band performing in real life was an opportunity for me to make sure that they are just as nice as they seem to be, that they are not fake and that nothing about them is fake. I've never doubted it and now I know I never would 💓

How often do you make your dreams come true? Think about it. Very often we think that our dreams will always stay in "dreams" section. But very often there are things that we can easily make. Think about it and make yourself a little bit happier 😁

See ya!